Working in a Winter Wienerland

Every year as winter rolls in, northerners flock to the south to escape the blistering cold. During the summer, these same people take in the beautiful Midwestern weather. Somehow, I got this backwards. After spending the last several monts in the Southeast, I’m taking the scenic-kraut back to the Midwest where I’ll spend my final months as a Hotdogger.

Right off the bat, I was hit with shocking weather. Zero degree temperatures and a snowstorm all in the same week! Being from the Midwest, I’m used to this weather, but the Southeast region spoiled me for a few months. I had to get back into the winter routine: scraping off the windshield, warming the Wienermobile, brushing off the vehicle, etc. At events, we have to layer our clothing and bundle up to stay warm. We don’t want to be chili dogs all day! It’s a whole new regime but definitely brings me back to my roots.


There is one great thing about the winter weather: the beauty of that first snowfall. There is nothing like fresh white snow on the ground and covering tree branches. Check out this picture out in front of UW-Madison’s Memorial Union and you’ll see why I actually relish the snow more than one might think.

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