What’s behind that Secret Door in the Wienermobile?

Have you ever bundered what’s behind the door in the Wienermobile? Is there a wienie-bathroom back there? Do we have beds and sleep in a wieniebago? Maybe we have a complete selection of Oscar Mayer franks back there…

As much as we would love to have all of these GREAT ideas present in the buns of the Wienermobile, I have to say, none of the above…..But we haveĀ somethingĀ even better. This room will spread miles of smiles to each child that sees it and gives goosebumps to any adult that even dares to sneak a peak. Its a place where every Wienermobile fan has dreamed of and us Hotdoggers treasure.

This secret place has been kept under wraps for awhile, but we’re ready to finally show everyone!

Wait someone is coming…I’ve gotta go! Check back with me soon and I’ll reveal the secret. But remember, it’s only between us Hotdoggers and Wienermobile fanatics! Ketchup with you later!

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