A lot of heart. Mad driving skills. An honest love of people and all varieties of hot dog related puns. This is what it takes to be a Hotdogger. At the end of the day, it’s a pretty sweet gig. Plus you get to roam the country in a 27-foot long hot dog…who could ask for anything better.

Every year there is a new class of Hotdoggers. This is Class 24.

Tailgatin’ Traci

Howdy hot dog lovers! I’m Tailgatin’ Traci from the wienerful state of Wisconsin. After four franktastic years of studying Journalism and Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I am looking forward to a year ham-packed with adventure. Growing up in Green Bay just a few buns away from Lambeau Field, it’s safe to say tailgating is in my BOLO-DNA. So fire up your grills, fasten your meat belts and get ready for a dog-gone good time! Ketchup with you soon!

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