Everything You Want to Know About the Wienermobile

Part of our job as Hotdoggers includes answering questions about the Wienermobile from fans and media alike. It seems that where ever we go people are dying to know more about what goes on inside the 27-foot long hot dog on wheels.

Today we’re going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions, so you can break out the Wienermobile trivia when the conversation with relatives stalls over the holidays.

Question: How many Wienermobiles are there?

Answer: There are currently six Wienermobile vehicles crisscrossing the country.

Question: Is the Wienermobile hard to drive?

Answer: It’s surprisingly easy to drive. There are plenty of rearview mirrors, and there’s also a backup camera to help us see behind the vehicle via the video monitor. The Wienermobile fits within the weight and length requirements for a regular license, so the closest everyday comparison is a large SUV or van.

Question: How fast does it go?

Answer: The Wienermobile has been wind tunnel tested at speeds up to 90 mph for safety reasons, but we always follow the speed limit.

Question: How did you get this job?

Answer: Each year Oscar Mayer recruits 12 recent college graduates from all over the U.S. to tour the country in the Wienermobile! After we go through Oscar Mayer’s training program – lovingly named Hot Dog High – we head out on a one-year assignment across the United States. During that year we visit special events and retail venues as Oscar Mayer ambassadors.

Question: What does the Wienermobile look like on the inside?

Answer: Everything is ketchup and mustard colored in the Wienermobile, and rightfully so! We also have a blue sky ceiling and a giant hot dog for our glove compartment. It’s more or less the happiest vehicle on the planet.

Question: Do you serve hot dogs from the Wienermobile?

Answer: Funny enough we do not. What we do give out is the iconic Wiener Whistle. You can only get a Wiener Whistle when you see the Wienermobile so it’s a pretty special keepsake. On average the Wienermobile hands out a little over 200,000 whistles each year.

Question: Do you sleep in there?

Answer: No, it’s not a Wienebago! We sleep in hotels.

Have other questions? Leave a comment or tweet them to @Wienermobile.

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