Playing Wienermobile Bean Bag Toss

Wienermobile Bean Bag Toss? Count me in! As an avid sports fan, I’ve spent countless hours of my youth perfecting my skills hoping to become a bean bag champion. During Hot Dog High, when my superiors Ed and Sam challenged Beefalicious Ben and I to our first ever Wienermobile bean bag toss game, my skills were quickly tested. We put up a fight, but needless to say, we were terribly outmatched by these veterans. The only thing Ben and I gained on our game was added humility…

After this embarrassment, it has become my mission to become the ultimate Wienermobile bean bag champion. Luckily, being a Hotdogger provides many opportunities to perfect my craft. At every event, we are given the chanceto pick the activity that we would like to spread miles of smiles with. Perhaps the most popular activity is bean bag toss, which gives me the perfect opportunity to practice up for the next big game.

I’ve been working event after event, taking on numerous challengers in my quest to be the best. We play many different versions of bean bag toss with the Wienermobile, as we want to include people of all ages in the activities. For kids, bean bag toss can be as simple as tossing the Oscar Mayer bean bag into the hole in order to win cool prizes such as stickers, whistles, and keychains. For adults, they can also play one on one with a friend or challenge a Hotdogger to a game.

I must say, after numerous games of triumph and defeat, as well as learning from some experts on the road, bean bag toss has become my game. If you think you’re up for the challenge, find me, Deli Eliot, at a Wienermobile near you. If you beat me in a regulation game, I can personally guarantee a one of a kind Wienermobile plush beanie coming your way. Even if you don’t win, everyone still receives a Wiener Whistle, of course!

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