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Taxi, Bus, Shuttle, Limo, Wienermobile!

The Wienermobile is sometimes difficult to get around a bustling city, but boy is she a versatile old girl. After racking up mile after mile on the Texas Interstate, the Wienermobile found itself at Houston Hobby International on a new mission.

Stevie Bunder had received a call from a friend who had been traveling through Houston on business and needed to rest his weary body. The Wienermobile was about to welcome its honorary third member, White Bun Brady from Minneapolis. While rental car vans and taxicabs routinely make their way through the terminal drop off, the Wienermobile squeezed itself through the terminal, making jet lagged travelers perk up like seeing a puppy dog for the first time. The Wienermobile, however, is no puppy. White Bun Brady was ecstatic to be making his debut ride on the Wienermobile in Houston. And to be welcomed by Atta Dog Alex and Stevie Bunder on such short notice was such a sweet treat that even the airport police took a few pictures before regretfully shooing us away.

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You know you’re a Hotdogger when…

1. You check to make sure everything you go under is at least 11′ tall, and you panic when there is no sign at all.

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A Transformation of Mind

As Hotdoggers progress into the 11th month of Hotdogging, we have accumulated an abundance of clothes, souvenirs, and trinkets.

Now that heavy luggage has caused strained backs, pulled hamstrings, and boiling frustration, Atta Dog Alex and I set up shop to rid ourselves of our material belongings. After all, in the words of Democritus, “happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul”.

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New York City: The City of Big Dream-And Big Hot Dogs.

The Wienermobile travels to places big and places small,
But NYC takes the (pizza) pie as the biggest of them all.

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A Hotdogger Heads Home

Traveling across the hot dog highways of the United States is one of the best parts about being an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger! Our journey with the Wienermobile takes us to places that we never would have gotten a chance to see otherwise. During my time as a Hotdogger, I’ve seen cities from Louisville to San Diego and from Seattle to Boise..

Sometimes the best places on the road are the places that used to be home, that are familiar. I was lucky enough to ketchup with Columbia, Missouri, where I attended school, just a few weeks ago with the Wienermobile. It was nothing short of bunderful.

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The Wienermobile Run

Six Wieners. One Winner.

Join. Share. Win. After years of touring supermarkets, state fairs and the like, we’re taking America’s most beloved vehicle and giving fans unprecedented access! Browse the different Wienermobile teams and join your favorite to receive a team bumper sticker (while supplies last), help them earn points, and have a chance to win a visit from the Wienermobile Run Champion! This summer you’re going to see the Wienermobile Vehicle like you’ve never seen it before.

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