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Atta-dog-Adam and I had the pleasure of being part of an event to raise proceeds for The Liz Logelin Foundation. Matt Logelin, the founder of the foundation, had family that flew from Minnesota just to be a part of the Wienermobile experience. Madeline and Matt joined us for a ride to a family barbecue after the event. The ride in the Wienermobile seemed to be an adventure for little Maddy, which ended with her falling asleep in her car seat. Safety first, so we made sure Maddy had her meat belt on before starting our journey back to her house. The day was filled with many generous people who follow Matt’s blog donating to the foundation and close friends and family enjoying Oscar Mayer hot dogs at the barbecue.

Matt and Madeline catching a ride with us.

Matt and Madeline catching a ride with us.

 We already knew that the Wienermobile could serve many purposes (smile-causer, Wiener Whistle distributor and camera flash magnet) but we discovered another reason to hitch a ride with us: it can rock you to sleep after a very long day.

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