Meat Super-Dog Sydney!

As a recent college graduate, I still like to stay involved with the organizations that made my college experience so memorable. One organization I truly relish is the A-T Children’s Project, a non-profit organization to help raise awareness and find a cure for the rare children’s disease A-T (Ataxia-Telangiectasia).  The symptoms of this disease are similar to muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, and immune difficiencies.

All four years of college I was actively involved in producing the A-T Telethon, a six-hour long telethon to give the children with A-T a voice and help support the ATCP!

While traveling the East Coast in the Wienermobile, I contacted the ATCP in hopes I could reach out to A-T families in the area. What better way to stay connected with an organization I hold so close to my heart than to use the Wienermobile to spread miles of smiles?  So you can only imagine my excitement as I rolled up to Super-Dog Sydney’s house to surprise her one rainy morning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Sydney's first step into the Wienermobile!

Dyl-icious and I were honored to get a behind-the-bun tour of the city by a Pittsburg native.  We taught Sydney the Wiener Jingle while she navigated WNR MBLE from shotbun through the hills of the city.  And when the day was done, we brought Sydney back home to friends and family who were bursting with excitement! It was a franktastic day for everyone. Super-Dog Sydney helped us spread smiles for the day and I made a new friend. I hope we get to meat up again soon, Super-Dog!

Dyl-icious and I had a great day with Sydney and her parents!

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