Jean-erDog and Pickled Paige KETCHUP with WNR MBLE

Ketchup Kylie and I recently had the opportunity to return to one of our favorite cities on the road, Indianapolis.  We were surprised to run into someone we met the first time we visited the city. Jean visited the Wienermobile during an event back in July wearing an Oscar Mayer T-shirt with her franktastic daughter, Paige and a niece from California.  Back then she expressed her excitement about seeing the vehicle in person and all three squealed when given an iconic Wiener Whistle.

Once they stepped into the vehicle they turned into honorary Hotdoggers complete with Hotdogger names! Jean-erDog and Pickled Paige were the most gracious of guests.  They gave us some very thoughtful gifts!  Knowing that we wouldn’t accept money for letting them in (we are just happy to spread smiles!!!!), Jean-erDog and Pickled Paige made us origami frogs out of dollar bills!

The family emigrated from Japan to the US by way of Hawaii.  Origami celebrates their Japanese heritage and the frog is a symbol for good luck in Hawaii.  Jean-erDog gave us these cool gifts and wished us luck as we travel the hot dog highways of America.

A couple of weeks later we got this bunderful thank you picture from a very talented artist.  Pickled Paige must have really studied the Wienermobile because she did not miss a detail!

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