Hotdoggers in Hog Heaven

Find another fiberglass figure that loves puns as much as the Wienermobile

Hogwash! When pigs fly, I say!

The Bacon Beacon of town, "Hometown Hog," sits right outside of City Hall

The Bacon Beacon of Lexington, "Hometown Hog" sits right outside City Hall.

You can imagine how I squealed with surprise when we happened upon 20 pun-packed “Pigs in the City” in Lexington, NC.  Brian the Bunderful and I were in Hog Heaven.  In the “Barbecue Capital of the World,” where there is more than one barbecue restaurant per one thousand people, the people of Lexington are proud to repork they introduce 20 new mighty-swine piggies around town each year.  With characters like “Piggy-atrician,” who graces the local doctors office, or “Oinkle Sam,” who stands watch over Main Street, we weren’t boar-ed for a second.

Brian poses with "Oink-Jection, Your Hog-ner!" This piggy was at a law firm in Lexington.

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