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For several years, past Hotdoggers have enjoyed the hospitality of the Oliver Inn located in South Bend, Indiana. Staying true to Hotdogger tradition, Lucky Dog Lauren and I made sure that we visited the beautiful 19th century establishment. With its ornate design and well-manicured landscaping, the Oliver Inn was our home away from home for one franktastic night. The owners, Tom and Alice go above and beyond to make your trip a bunderful one.

OHIWISH and the Oliver Inn's franktastic flowing fountain

Dijon know? The Oliver Inn was built by James Oliver. James invented the “Oliver Chilled Plow” and went on to own the Oliver Farm Equipment Company, makers of Oliver tractors.

Dijon know? My Great-Grandfather used an Oliver Chilled Plow on his farm in Kentucky in the early 1900’s. My uncle recently restored it and even used ketchup and mustard colors to give it that new plow sheen!

Ketchup and Mustard colored Oliver Plow

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