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Wienie! Vidi! Vici!

I came to Colorado for the first time with the Wienermobile and saw everything over the bun board. I conquered the mountains with the help of a mobile frankfurter!  Recently, the hot dog highways took OSCRMYR, Jess Grillin’ and me to the peaks of Colorado Springs, CO.  Being from Ohio, the mountains of the Wienerful West were unlike anything I had seen before.  There is no doubt that in Colorado, every route was the scenic-kraut.

We saw some real snow caps.

Conquered a few mountainous drives through beautiful Colorado!

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It’s not a bird! And it’s not a plane! It’s a Wienermobile!

Despite the Wienermobile vehicle's design, only one thing in this picture can fly.

We call it aerodognamic.  The design of the Wienermobile vehicle is made to help the Hotdoggers pilot the vehicle with as little air resistance as possible. The sleek hot dog and perfectly-rounded bun of the Wienermobile vehicle’s toasted fiberglass bun paired with the gull wing door cause many to pause and ask, “Can this vehicle fly?” 

And, frankly we understand the confusion.  The body of the Wienermobile looks like the body of an airplane and the door looks like a wing.  On a recent stop in Tucson, AZ the Southwest Salchicha, OSCRMYR was able to line up next to some different planes.  I think an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile would condiment the collection at the Pima Air and Space Museum (the largest non-government funded museum), but then again the Wienermobile does that just about everywhere it goes.

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Hotdogger Bloopers

Grilled to perfection. It is a phrase true to Oscar Mayer hot dogs, but can it also be applied to photos of the 27-foot-long hot dog vehicle? No. 

All Hotdoggers must have a few of the failed attempts nestled between the buns of Wienermobile photography genius.  Here are a few of mine from the hot dog highways.

Not a good angle for any dog.

The human ice cream cone was not going to treat us to a Wienermobile photo opportunity.

The balloons are hiding more than enhancing

Are there scorpions out there? I'm sure this effort made for a great photo.

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Seeing Things Through Hot Dog Colored Glasses

The things that amuse Hotdoggers are most likely different than your average Frank. Recently, I have started measuring the height of objects, sometimes even people, in the linked length of hot dogs.  Using the 11-foot high, or 24 hot dogs, Wienermobile as my guide, I set out in Saguaro National Park in Tucson, AZ to measure cacti in length of hot dogs.  Let’s hereby refer to the unit measurement as HDs.

View from the Bun Roof in Saguaro National Park: A cactus measuring 28 HDs is visible

Parked the Wienermobile to be used as a measuring stick. One of these cacti is 10 HDs tall. Can you find it?

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Full of Hot Air!

Usually when Hotdoggers encounter a brightly colored, round object floating above the rest of the crowd, we see the perfectly toasted yellow and orange of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile smiling back at us.  On a recent trip to Albuquerque, NM, however, Jess Grillin’ and I took the scenic-kraut for a stop at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum where the objects floating in the sky were beautiful hot air balloons.  After a bunderful afternoon speaking with balloon and Wienermobile enthusiasts, I am proposing to hot dog headquarters that the newest addition to the Wienermobile fleet be a 27-foot-long hot air balloon hot dog meant to float across the sunny skies.  Be sure to check above you for the Oscar Mayer hot dog full of hot air!

OSCRMYR outside of the museum

Jess Grillin and me flying high!

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Hitting the Links

When you think of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and the word ‘link’ a few puns popular with Hotdoggers come to my mind.  Two Wienermobile vehicles can link up and cruise the hot dog highways together, we have the always adorable and unique Lil’ Link Mini-Cooper Wienermobile, and when two hot dog enthusiasts tie the knot we might as well call it getting linked. On a recent day in beautiful Ontario, CA, Jess Grillin’ and I invited Wienermobile visitors to hit the links with us for a little bun in the sun!

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Did someone say something about Bacon?

Across the hot dog highways, bacon is in the air. Whether is it is crumbled and crispy and on pizza, a perfect strip paired with a maple donut, or classically served with your weekend breakfast, bacon is a crowd pleaser.  While visiting family in Cincinnati, I was happy to see a package of Oscar Mayer Selects Bacon in my parent’s fridge. Check out this basket weave of bacon, perfect for pairing with toast and eggs or tomato and lettuce for a lunch-time BLT.

No basket weaving classes required.

Baked for 20 minutes in a 400-degree oven on a lined baking sheet.

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East Meats Midwest

A special bond links twelve Hotdoggers each year, but the hot high highways have been shorter for the East and Midwest teams these past few months. The two teams of ‘Doggers left home-sweet-hot dog Madison, Wisconsin together where we relished the 200 miles where we traveled the same route and I could see a Wienermobile in the rear view mirror.  Later we were able to meat up for a little hamming around in October. Instead of Beefelicious Ben and I spreading miles of smiles and taking the big dog to see the sights in town, we doubled our efforts with our Midwest team counterparts for an added does of frankfurter-loving fun!

Our first day on the road - Midwest and East teams leaving Madison, WI together.

Going for a ride in a Wienermobile is the perfect way for four Hotdoggers to ketchup!

This is what Hotdoggers do in their spare time - just trying to get the best shot!

This is what Hotdoggers do in their spare time - just trying to get the best shot!

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Make a Memory to Relish!

A few things simply scream of fall. Pumpkin flavored everything, Halloween activities, fall treats, and weekends watching football are a few that come to my mind. Another great thing about fall is how perfectly the Wienermobile fits right in with all these fun activites.  When the little ones are decked out in their costumes or when the gang is gathering around the table at Thanksgiving, memories with those special in our lives come easily. And though it may not seem like it the time where you stumble upon the Wienermobile while running your weekly errands is another great time to share a smile and a moment to savor with someone special. 

As a Hotdogger, I have made many memories that involve the big dog.  If you cross paths with one of the 27-foot-long hot dogs sometime this season, I encourage you to take an extra few minutes and make another memory to relish.

WNRMBLE looks good in autumn

WNRMBLE celebrates autumn by spreading miles of smiles.

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Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb

Have you ever wondered through a parking lot continually clicking your automatic lock for the welcoming “beep beep” of your nearby vehicle, only to have your call go unanswered? I can tell you from experience that I used to have this problem. Now with the help of a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels, I no longer experience this challenge. The Wienermobile is perfectly toasted to a bright hue, hungers for attention, and on its hind legs, sits 11 feet high.  This is one vehicle that does not get lost in the pack!

Unable to hide between other show cars at Cruise Night in Mansfield, MA.

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The Wienermobile Run

Six Wieners. One Winner.

Join. Share. Win. After years of touring supermarkets, state fairs and the like, we’re taking America’s most beloved vehicle and giving fans unprecedented access! Browse the different Wienermobile teams and join your favorite to receive a team bumper sticker (while supplies last), help them earn points, and have a chance to win a visit from the Wienermobile Run Champion! This summer you’re going to see the Wienermobile Vehicle like you’ve never seen it before.

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