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The Wienermobile Makes a Splash

The Northeast team recently visited beautiful Virginia Beach, and spent one of our days off at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. When we pulled up with the Wienermobile, we expected to tour the aquarium ourselves, but the staff told us they loved the Wienermobile so much, that they wanted to give the drivers (Anggie Dogg and myself) a special behind-the-bun sneak peek of the aquarium! 

Cari and Amanda, experts on marine life, took us behind the scenes, showing us how they feed sea turtles and rays, the intricate filtration systems that ensure all of the animals are living in clean water, and even how divers clean the huge tanks. Check out some photos below from our trip!

Finally Here!

Some animals from the VA Aquarium!

Crocodile or Alligator?

Our amazing guides, Cari & Amanda!

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Dog’s Best Friend

As a Hotdogger who travels the nation in the iconic Wienermobile vehicle, I get to meat hundreds of people every single day, and explore a new city each week. While we relish talking to hot dog fans nationwide, sometimes it’s their four-legged companions who love the Wienermobile the most. Afterall, how can a dog or puppy not be mesmerized by the sight of a 27-foot-long hot dog atop a toasted fiberglass bun, complete with ketchup & mustard detailing inside? Below you can check out some real hot dogs who came to visit the Wienermobile!

Middle Left: “Oscar Mayer” the Welsh Corgi in York, PA!

Bottom Right: “Zack” the Golden Retriever hanging out in Newport, OR!

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Home, Meat Home

One of the best things about driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has to be meating so many awesome people all over the nation, and visiting exciting places along the way. After months of traveling to new cities far from home, I was recently able to bring the big dog to my hometown right outside of Philadelphia, PA! Anggie Dogg had never been to the City of Brotherly Love, so it was my duty to show her how we roll, and visit all the sights. Check out some pictures below from our day exploring downtown Philly!

Anggie Dogg & Kevin Bacon Bits in Philadelphia!


Left: Can you guess the famous flick? Right: A classic staple of Philly!

Anggie Dogg and her new buddy, Rocky!

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Do You Cut the Mustard?

As you may know, we are able to do some bunderfulevents as Hotdoggers. From parades to state fairs to athletic games, we take the Wienermobile almost everywhere! There is one special week out of the year in which we take a break from our not-so-typical events, and visit university campuses in search of the next class of Oscar MayerHotdoggers.

Each year Oscar Mayer hires twelve recent college graduates to pilot the Wienermobilevehicles all over the nation, and I had the pleasure of being able to recruit at my Alma Mater, Penn State, along with Anggie Dogg and Hot Diggity Holly. Check out some pictures below from our trip to PSU!

WNRMBLE outside of Beaver Stadium!


Kevin Bacon Bits, Anggie Dogg, and Hot Diggity Holly with the Nittany Lion!


Can you spot something in the background?

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Not Your Typical Carwash…

One question that we Hotdoggers get all the time is “The Wienermobile looks so clean, where do you wash it?!” Sometimes we clean the vehicles old-school, with a good ol’ ladder, sponge, and suds. If we’re lucky dogs though, local fire departments will let us wash our Wienermobile right there in the station, fire hose and all.

Thanks, Providence Fire Dept!

Anggie Dogg and I had a great time with the Providence Fire Department the other week in Rhode Island getting WNR MBLE (the Northeast vehicle) squeaky clean. Check out some pics below, and be sure to follow us @Wienermobile to ketchup with us on the road!

So Fresh and So Clean

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Classics Meat!

As a driver of one of America’s most iconic vehicles, I get to meat tons of car enthusiasts along the way. Some drive classic cars, others relish their hot rods, but it’s safe to say that everyone who comes to see the Wienermobile wants to know all about the nuts and bolts of the vehicle.

Did you know that the toasted fiberglass dog and bun sit on top of a Chevrolet? Or that the Wienermobile is 27-feet-long, 11 feet high, and 8 feet wide? Check out the photos below of some cool custom cars that came to see the Wienermobile in Newport, OR; Kennewick, WA; and Billings, MT!

IWSHIWR gets a visitor in Newport, OR!

Kevin Bacon Bits behind the wheel!

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The Northwest Tour: A Scenic-Kraut!

To date, Lots of Ketchup Lisa and I have been to 11 states on our tour as Hotdoggers, meating thousands of people and seeing amazing sights along the way. We began our journey back in June in Madison, WI, and have since been cruising through the beautiful landscape of the Northwestern US. From the mountains of Montana, to the deserts of Nevada, to the seaside cities of Seattle and San Francisco, we have covered some serious ground in the famous Wienermobile. What would be your favorite place to take a 27-foot-long hot dog? Mt. Rushmore? The Grand Canyon? Check out our route below!
Kevin Bacon Bits & Lots of Ketchup Lisa’s route!
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A Whistle To Call Her Own

Carol was just a little girl when she first saw the Wienermobile at a parade in her home town. She was excited to see that the drivers were tossing Wiener Whistles to the crowd as they drove past, and reached her hand out to catch one. Just as the whistle was inches from Carol’s hand, the person next to her reached over and caught it first. She left the parade that day disappointed that she never got her own whistle.

As Hotdoggers, we relish hearing stories like Carol’s, and being able to give the story a happier ending. Check out the video below as Carol FINALLY gets her very own Wiener Whistle!

YouTube Preview Image

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Hot Diggity Dog: A Star is Made

Hot Diggity Dog!

As drivers of the Wienermobile vehicle, we get to meat some really awesome people. When Julian was younger, he and his mother were driving to a casting call in Scotsdale, AZ. This was no ordinary audition though; it was the search for the next Oscar Mayer hot dog commercial star! Check out the video below to find out how he became the star of the 1977 Oscar Mayer ‘Hot Diggity Dog’ commercial!
YouTube Preview Image 
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Fun, Sun, & Hot Dogs!

Lots of Ketchup Lisa and I took IWSHIWR to Reno, NV last week, and got the chance to explore beautiful Lake Tahoe. Tthere wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the lake was a cool 70 degrees, and everyone was excited to see the Wienermobile parked right on the rocky shoreline.
We had a great time meating people in Tahoe and telling them all about our adventures on the road. After giving everyone a behind-the-bun sneak peek inside the Wienermobile, it was time to hike and swim. Check out some photos from our day below, and don’t forget to follow @Wienermobile on Twitter to find out where we’ll be next!
IWSHIWR catching some rays!


Check out how clear & blue that water is!

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The Wienermobile Run

Six Wieners. One Winner.

Join. Share. Win. After years of touring supermarkets, state fairs and the like, we’re taking America’s most beloved vehicle and giving fans unprecedented access! Browse the different Wienermobile teams and join your favorite to receive a team bumper sticker (while supplies last), help them earn points, and have a chance to win a visit from the Wienermobile Run Champion! This summer you’re going to see the Wienermobile Vehicle like you’ve never seen it before.

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