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Hollywood Baby

There’s really nothing like a casual Saturday drive through Hollywood in a giant hot dog.. it’s pretty franking neat.  #Wienermobile tweet.  Check out the view from the front seat.

Jess Grillin' & Tailgating Theresa

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Puppy Love

To all of you who bring your hot dogs to visit, a sincere frank you.  Frank you very much.  Obviously a hot dog lover (except for Mr. Muffins), I will undoubtedly ask to hold your puppy.  All photo credit goes to Tailgating Theresa.So.Many.PuppiesSo.Many.Puppies


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Queso Closed

I must divulge a little known fact about my Hotdogging cohort, Tailgating Theresa (if that even is her real name..).   This girl is one tricky dog,  a master of disguise, & a chameleon of condiments.  Don’t let her fool you, weenies are always cheesier than they appear! Here are some of her classic Wiener-maneuvers:

Is that hot dog waiving at me?”  

-If you answered YES , it is undoubtedly the elusive TT.

Identify yourself sir!

Is that a classy monocle or TT holding broken glasses found in a parking lot?

-Hard to tell, I know.

Did that sign just do the Hand Jive?

-Why yes, yes it did.


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South by Southwest Meat Up!

What’s more exciting than a Wienermobile?!  Two of them!

A South by Southwest team Wienermo-meat up is definitely as fun as it sounds.  The hottest reunion in town headed to the Ontario Fire Department to get hosed down.  Franks to our firefighting friends our Wienermobile vehicles where definitely the shiniest in town ;) .

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My Suitcase Has a First Name..

We Hotdoggers are a nomadic breed.  We can bring whatever we’d like, as long as it can be condensed into the likeness of two suitcases and a backpack.  Hotdogging, my fellow grill masters, is both an art form and a lifestyle.

However, even the most skilled Hotdogger is subject to the inevitable accumulation of really useless stuff.  Frankly, here’s what I’ve been carrying around for the past 9 months that serves no functional purpose whatsoever..

  1. A rightfully earned first place medal in laser tag.
  2. A candle.
  3. A cumbersomely large stress ball.
  4. A whole slue of once lost hotel keys.
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‘Mo Adventures

One of the most common questions we get asked as Hotdoggers is, “What’s the best part of your job?“.  I always feel like a cheesy weenie replying, “Everyday is a new adventure,” but it’s the doggone truth.

To illustrate, this is just an average impromptu stop.  Tailgating Theresa and I hanging out with OSCRMYR at the Grand Canyon.  No big deal.

Awkward photos are how we roll in this giant hot dog.

That concludes this Wiener-Mo-Adventure.  Stay tuned, my friends.

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‘Oscaretta’ the HAWT dog

Love was in the air and it smelled like hot dogs!  Now meat the prettiest Wienermobile of them all.. OSCRMYR got all dolled up for Valentine’s Day with the help of Team Super Southwest.  ”Oscar Mayer without vowels” didn’t really fit the new look so we dubbed her Oscaretta.



Shout out to all our Valentines!  Franks for the xo’s!

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Hotdoggers Tackle Tahoe

Giant mountains?  PSHHH!  No problem for this Wienermobile.  Tailgating Theresa and I took OSCRMYR on the scenic kraute to go check out Lake Tahoe.

Although he was parked at the bottom OSCRMYR cheered us on as we trudged our buns up a mountain in search of the ‘Best view in Tahoe’.

Tailgating Theresa kept sinking in the snow providing Jess Grillin’ with franktastic LOLs.

We finally made it to the top, and so did the fog. Regardless, we still had a doggone good time on our way up!

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I’m a poet and I know it!

Oh Hi! I cooked you a poem, well actually I grilled you a Limerick!  *BA DA BUM BUM*

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Wiener-Mo-Mittens {DIY}

These are chili times, even for team Super South.  This DIY project seemed easy enough: puffy paint a Wienermobile onto each glove and call it a day.

As it turns out, puffy paint is doggone difficult to handle.  I have since renamed them Mo-Wiener-Mittens to better reflect their abstract appearance.

Oh well.  They still look rockin’ delicious with our super cool flight suits, eh?

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The Wienermobile Run

Six Wieners. One Winner.

Join. Share. Win. After years of touring supermarkets, state fairs and the like, we’re taking America’s most beloved vehicle and giving fans unprecedented access! Browse the different Wienermobile teams and join your favorite to receive a team bumper sticker (while supplies last), help them earn points, and have a chance to win a visit from the Wienermobile Run Champion! This summer you’re going to see the Wienermobile Vehicle like you’ve never seen it before.

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