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Wiener dogs race to the finish!

What would be a wiener dog race without the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Last month Abe the Ham and I had the chance the experience our first wiener dog race in Buda, Texas and it was definitely wienerific! There were wiener dogs everywhere as well as various other breeds and anything you could imagine with an image of a wiener dog. Dresses, earrings, floor mats, and of course stuffed animal wiener dogs.

We also found some lucky dogs posing with a Wienermobile peddle cart.

Ketchup with me soon.

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Surprise Birthday Ride in the Wienermobile!

My niece Isabella woke up to find Auntie Em had come to visit her in Houston, but what she did not know is that their was an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile sitting in her driveway. We had a normal morning; we got dressed, ate some breakfast and played some games. Then I asked Isabella if she would like to go run errands and have lunch, she agreed and got her things together. We walked outside when Isabella was headed towards her mom’s average SUV when she turned around to see the Wienermobile.

As Isabella stood in awe she said, “it’s the Wienermobile!” She then immediately asked if we were going to take a ride in it and I quickly told her yes. We drove around her neighborhood in Houston and then had a birthday lunch. As our ride was coming to an end Isabella said, “Auntie Emma, you have the best job ever!” Isabella will be turning three this weekend and can’t wait to tell all of her friends at her birthday party how much fun she had riding in the Wienermobile.

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The Wienermobile and Drive Away Cancer

As we drove through the hot dog highways of Little Rock, Arkansas we happened to meat a new friend along the scenic-kraut. Her message was very moving an inspirational, I couldn’t help but share. There is a cause called Drive Away Cancer and there are different groups across the country. The vehicle pictured next to the Wienermobile is Ginger and she provides hope to those diagnosed with cancer across the country. If you look closely there are signatures and messages throughout the entire car written by those battling cancer and in memory of those who have lost the battle along the way. Ginger helps restore faith and brighten the lives of all the people she meets.

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Favorite Stops Along the Way

When stopped in my hometown while traveling along the hot dog highways I was able to meat up with friends and they always seem to ask what my favorite stops along the way have been. There have been so many different cities throughout the year and they all have been franktastic, but here are a few of my favorites.

1. Chicago, Illinois

2. Austin, Texas

3. St. Louis, Missouri

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Run for the Rose

One of our recent stops on our coast-to-coast wiener roast was in Houston, Texas. We had the pleasure of attending an event called Run for the Rose. It is a 5k run with an after party at the Reliant Center.

Run for the Rose is dedicated to Dr. Marnie Rose and all others who have gone through any type of brain cancer or knows someone who is or has fought the disease. Marnie was in her first year of pediatric medical residency when she was diagnosed and continued to work while fighting the cancer. She was a very strong young woman but unfortunately lost the battle. The Rose family took this opportunity to start the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation. 

Abe the Ham and I enjoyed the beautiful sunny day filled with hundreds of runners and walkers all participating for a single cause, to find the cure for brain cancer. Over the last eleven years the foundation and its supporters have raised 3.5 million dollars. Half of the money has gone to brain cancer research at MD Anderson Cancer Center and the other half has gone to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Ketchup next year with Run for the Rose on March 30, 2014.

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Bringing the Big Dog to Alice, Texas!

The day I got the job as a Hotdogger I knew one place I wanted to take the Wienermobile, my families ranch. When I found out Abe the Ham and I were taking the big dog to Alice, I immediately called my Aunt Cindy to tell her the good news. The first day off we had I made my way out to the Cuellar ranch just outside of the city limits of Alice. The property has been in my family a long time and I couldn’t wait to show off the Wienermobile to my relatives. My Aunt had many of my cousins over for a barbecue and a tour of the Wienermobile. I had so much fun and was so happy to spread miles of smiles with my family.

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Hot Dogs and Hospitality

Driving across the country in the Wienermobile gives us Hotdoggers the opportunity to stay at all types of hotels, but it is always nice to stay in a place where you feel at home. Pepper Jackie Cheese did some research and found a bunderful bed & breakfast in the middle of Kirksville, Missouri.

Cottage Grove Bed & Breakfast

We got in late during our first night in Kirksville and slept in the next morning. Waking up around noon we introduced ourselves to the owners of the bed & breakfast. We were pleasantly surprised when we were offered brunch and some great conversation. The cottage must have been on a busy street because the entire town knew where we were staying.

Brunch is served

Jill and Mac treated us like their very own grandchildren, telling us things we should do in Kirksville and restaurants we should go to. We will never forget this trip and the friends we made.

Ketchup with me soon!

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Legendary field and a legendary hot dog

Traveling across the country Pepper Jackie Cheese and I have visited places we never thought we would see, especially in a Wienermobile. Taking the scenic-kraut on the hot dog highways we have seen everything from a corn water tower in Rochester, Minnesota to the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois.

One of my absolute favorite stops has been to the legendary Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa, where the movie starring was filmed. It is one of my all time favorite movies and bringing the Wienermobile to the field made that memory even more bunderful. Pepper Jackie Cheese and I played a game of catch and took many photographs throughout the premises.

Ketchup with me soon!

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Bringing OH I WISH to the University of Texas at Austin

Every year Oscar Mayer recruits at colleges across the country for brand ambassadors or hotdoggers. I was one of the lucky dogs that attended an information session at the University of Texas in the spring of 2012. I had heard about the job throughout college and was one of those students that never wanted to graduate. Well graduation was soon approaching and along came the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile rolling through campus once again.

I have known a few previous Hotdoggers and I heard about their adventures on the hot dog highways. It did not take long to convince me that being a hotdogger and driving the Wienermobile would be a chance of a lifetime. I went through the process and got the job! It is February, the tables have turned and I came back UT to find twelve new hotdoggers to become part of class XXVI. I was very happy to be back to Austin and I had the chance to have a photo shoot with the Wienermobile around campus.

Ketchup with y’all later!

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OUR DOG and Sal-Emy’s First Blizzard

While traveling the hot dog highways of Iowa in the Wienermobile, Pepper Jackie Cheese stopped in Des Moines. We did not know what the trip would have in store for us until we watched the weather channel and found out a blizzard was headed our way. We really appreciated all of the helpful tips and information from the locals on the pending winter weather storm.

Pepper Jackie Cheese is from Connecticut and knows how to deal with snow, but being from South Texas I had no idea what to expect. When I looked out of my window I was pleasantly surprised to see beautiful blankets of white snow throughout our hotel parking lot and completely covering OUR DOG. We made a trek out to the parking lot later that afternoon and started scraping the snow off the Wienermobile and shoveling snow so we could maneuver our buns the next day. We also had a short photo shoot and some fun in the snow.

I have become accustomed to the cold climate of the Midwest and find myself saying things like, “It’s such a nice day, it’s sunny with a high of 35 degrees.”

Ketchup with y’all later!

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