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Hotdogger Mini-Reunion in the Rockies

Quite possibly my favorite part about traveling the hot dog highways is the opportunity to meat up with former Hotdoggers. On a recent stop to the Mile High City of Denver, CO, I was able to ketchup with numerous Hotdogger alumni for lunch before an event. We had quite the range of Hotdoggers – from class five to twenty-five (yours truly). There was even two couples that met and eventually got married through their connections with the Hotdogger program. What a bunderful story that is!  We really relished our time and hope to ketchup again!


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Hang Loose with the Wienermobile

While traveling on the hot dog highways, we have the privilege of meating up with Oscar Mayer and Kraft Foods employees all across the country. No matter who we ketchup with, we always find that they really relish working for Kraft – and love the Wienermobile too! In fact, most employees that we have worked with have been with the company for over 10 years!

One of the advantages of being with Kraft for so long is all of the Wienermobilia that they’re able to accumulate over the years. They seem to have everything from banks to keychains and even seat cushions and inflatables. At one of our stops in Atlanta, GA, I was a lucky dog and was given a vintage 1990’s “Hang Loose with the Wienermobile” t-shirt from one of their special assignments to Hawaii. I have never seen any shirt so bunderful and will definitely cherish this gift for a long time!

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Wienermobile Pinewood Derby Racers

On your marks, get set, Hot Dogs?

In a recent one week span, Cookout Kelly and I have come across not one, not two, but three Wienermobile-shaped Pinewood Derby Cars! Like the Wienermobile, they sure look like they could haul buns! They each get an award for creativity, but I do have one question – where’s the ketchup? Check out these miniature hot dogs on wheels below:

Hannah from Jefferson City, MO showing off the Red Hot Wienermobile derby car next to our famous "Bun Box."

KC in St. Peters, MO decked out her Wienermobile racer with replica windows and even Oscar Mayer's yellow band!

Cal, in St. Charles, MO created a literal hot dog on wheels!


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A Control Panel to Relish

As we make our way up and down the hot dog highways, visitors to the Wienermobile vehicle frequently ask the same question: “What is that big box for in the back?” Some ask if it’s a microwave or our hot dog maker, but it actually serves a completely different purpose.

This “box” is actually very important to a Hotdogger’s life on the road and to the execution of our many events. It is home to these features that we use every single day. Here’s some features of the Wienermobile control panel:

  • Cabin outlets. This feature enables us to work on our long drive days. This allows us to relish our off days without having to worry about work.
  • Interior lights. Like any vehicle, we need to be able to find our way around in the dark. Our LED lights do just the trick!
  • Music.  We have over 20 different bunderful versions of the Oscar Mayer Jingle/Bologna Song and it comes right from our stereo system. This makes all of our events so lively and has you singing about Oscar Mayer all day!
  • TV/DVDs. We even have a flat screen tv in the Wienermobile that needs a power source. Our CD player doubles as a DVD player so we can have Wienermobile movie nights (We’ll bring the hot dogs!!!).
  • Solar Power. The new 2012 vehicles can switch over to solar power if needed. Hot dog!
  • Jingle Horn. Can’t forget about arguably the coolest feature on the Wienermobile, the horn! If you hear, “Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener!” while we’re rolling down the street, now you know where it came from!


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Ketching-up with family on the road

Even though we have the best job in the world, being on the road can take a toll on us as Hotdoggers. Sometimes, it’s nice to get away from the every day grind and see a familiar face. During a stop in Tampa, FL I had the opportunity to experience a little slice of home, when I stopped by my grandparents’ retirement community. My grandparents are what us Midwesterners call “snowbirds,” they live in the north in the summertime and flock down to Florida for a few months during the winter. They treated me to a bunderful meal and allowed me to relax in the comfort of relatives.

Of course, I couldn’t visit them without bringing the Wienermobile. Their generation grew up with it so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let them see the big dog up close! Like anywhere else, we drew a crowd right away from all of the other residents in the community. We had golf carts upon golf carts pull up to the Wienermobile the very second I pulled in creating quite the scene. Never before had I seen so many golf carts in one place. Needless to say, I was grilled with many Wienermobile questions and gave many of my grandparents’ friends rides that day. The Wienermobile may have stolen the show, but for me, being able to ketchup with my family after months of being away meant the most to me that day.

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The Wiener Jingle on Bagpipes

It’s not every day you meat a bagpipe player, but it’s even more rare to ketchup with one who knows how to rock out with the Oscar Mayer Wiener Jingle! Check out this video as we enjoy our favorite song played bunderfully on the bagpipes.

YouTube Preview Image
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Working in a Winter Wienerland

Every year as winter rolls in, northerners flock to the south to escape the blistering cold. During the summer, these same people take in the beautiful Midwestern weather. Somehow, I got this backwards. After spending the last several monts in the Southeast, I’m taking the scenic-kraut back to the Midwest where I’ll spend my final months as a Hotdogger.

Right off the bat, I was hit with shocking weather. Zero degree temperatures and a snowstorm all in the same week! Being from the Midwest, I’m used to this weather, but the Southeast region spoiled me for a few months. I had to get back into the winter routine: scraping off the windshield, warming the Wienermobile, brushing off the vehicle, etc. At events, we have to layer our clothing and bundle up to stay warm. We don’t want to be chili dogs all day! It’s a whole new regime but definitely brings me back to my roots.


There is one great thing about the winter weather: the beauty of that first snowfall. There is nothing like fresh white snow on the ground and covering tree branches. Check out this picture out in front of UW-Madison’s Memorial Union and you’ll see why I actually relish the snow more than one might think.

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Playing Wienermobile Bean Bag Toss

Wienermobile Bean Bag Toss? Count me in! As an avid sports fan, I’ve spent countless hours of my youth perfecting my skills hoping to become a bean bag champion. During Hot Dog High, when my superiors Ed and Sam challenged Beefalicious Ben and I to our first ever Wienermobile bean bag toss game, my skills were quickly tested. We put up a fight, but needless to say, we were terribly outmatched by these veterans. The only thing Ben and I gained on our game was added humility…

After this embarrassment, it has become my mission to become the ultimate Wienermobile bean bag champion. Luckily, being a Hotdogger provides many opportunities to perfect my craft. At every event, we are given the chanceto pick the activity that we would like to spread miles of smiles with. Perhaps the most popular activity is bean bag toss, which gives me the perfect opportunity to practice up for the next big game.

I’ve been working event after event, taking on numerous challengers in my quest to be the best. We play many different versions of bean bag toss with the Wienermobile, as we want to include people of all ages in the activities. For kids, bean bag toss can be as simple as tossing the Oscar Mayer bean bag into the hole in order to win cool prizes such as stickers, whistles, and keychains. For adults, they can also play one on one with a friend or challenge a Hotdogger to a game.

I must say, after numerous games of triumph and defeat, as well as learning from some experts on the road, bean bag toss has become my game. If you think you’re up for the challenge, find me, Deli Eliot, at a Wienermobile near you. If you beat me in a regulation game, I can personally guarantee a one of a kind Wienermobile plush beanie coming your way. Even if you don’t win, everyone still receives a Wiener Whistle, of course!

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Delivering Meals on Wheels with the Wienermobile

YouTube Preview Image

While in Orlando, Florida, Anggie Dogg and I had the opportunity to spread miles of smiles while helping those in need. Teaming up with Seniors First, we drove around the Orlando community delivering meals to seniors who are not able to leave their homes. Check out this bunderful video of one lucky lady’s first ever encounter with the Wienermobile

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Riding Shotbun through the Appalachians

YouTube Preview Image

While traveling the hot dog highways, Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers frequently get requests for rides in the Wienermobile vehicle, as many have wondered what it is like to go down the road in a 27-foot-long hot dog. Well, if you’re one of these people, today’s your lucky day! Here’s a little sneak peak of what it is like to be a lucky dog riding shotbun through the Appalachian Mountains in the Wienermobile.

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The Wienermobile Run

Six Wieners. One Winner.

Join. Share. Win. After years of touring supermarkets, state fairs and the like, we’re taking America’s most beloved vehicle and giving fans unprecedented access! Browse the different Wienermobile teams and join your favorite to receive a team bumper sticker (while supplies last), help them earn points, and have a chance to win a visit from the Wienermobile Run Champion! This summer you’re going to see the Wienermobile Vehicle like you’ve never seen it before.

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