Ain’t No Party Like a Hot Dog Party

We Hotdoggers make friends all over this great country of ours as we travel the hot dog highways. Naturally, when we return to cities, we relish the opportunity to ketchup with old friends.  If you are an avid reader of our blog, you may recall WNR MBLE’s run in with Indianapolis superfans Jean-erDog and Pickled Paige. Our franktastic friends let me know that they were throwing a HOT DOG PARTY in the beginning of January that just happened to coincide with a two Wienermobile stop in town.

Lucky Dog Lauren joined Ketchup Kylie and myself with our favorite mini-rolling-dog, LTL LINK. Everyone was elated to show off their homemade Wienermobile shirts.  We were impressed with their attention to detail!  We were also happy to enjoy some Oscar Mayer hot dogs with the franktastic bunch!

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