A Place Where We Can Scratch Our Buns

We Hotdoggers are always very careful when driving the super-sized sausage around the country.  In fact we go through intensive drivers training during Hotdog High, our two week summer training program.

Our Dog Days of summer are more like dog-driving days.

Lucky Dog Lauren and I often tease each other about who is the best Wienermobile driver.  Luckily in Pigeon Forge, TN we got to solve our rivalry once and for all.  At the track, strapped safely into our ketchup colored karts, Lauren and I bumped, braked, and passed for position. Who do you think won?

Well, I regret to inform you that I was beaten by the better driver that day.  Lucky Dog Lauren cruised past me and all the other competition on her way to a first place finish; she was one speedy weenie! But, I had my vengeance on the bumper boats… where we crashed and splashed our ketchup and mustard colored crafts until there were no winners.

After all our dogging of each other at the track, Lucky Dog and I agreed that when we drive the Wienermobile, everyone is a winner!


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