A KITT for Fun

The Wienermobile vehicles have met some pretty amazing people over the last 75 years.  But sometimes OHIWISH longs to meat some of her own.  In Knoxville TN OHIWISH, a celebrity in her own right, ran into a classic car from decades past.  Parked right next to us in the parking lot was none other than KITT, from the 1980’s television show, Knight Rider.

Just as David Hasselhoff and his automobile accomplice KITT spent their time fighting crime; Lucky Dog Lauren, OHIWISH and I spend our time spreading miles of smiles!

Dijon Know? KITT was originally a Pontiac Trans Am car.  OHIWISH is built on a W-Series GM Truck Chassis.  However, OHIWISH’s taillights come from a Pontiac Trans Am!  Those are some stylish signals!

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