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Favorite Stops Along the Way

When stopped in my hometown while traveling along the hot dog highways I was able to meat up with friends and they always seem to ask what my favorite stops along the way have been. There have been so many different cities throughout the year and they all have been franktastic, but here are a few of my favorites.

1. Chicago, Illinois

2. Austin, Texas

3. St. Louis, Missouri

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Fitting our Buns in Tight Spaces. .

We all know how parking can be a problem at any local grocery store or mall, but have you ever thought about how difficult it would be park the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Driving the Wienermobile has been quite an adventure, but nothing compares to the tight spots we have gotten our buns into.

In the windy city of Chicago, Pepper Jackie Cheese and I stayed downtown at the Essex Inn. We had one issue, where would we park the Wienermobile? After some tape measures were brought out and management consulted we found a great parking spot in their parking garage, that’s right their parking garage.

So if you are ever in a bind looking for a spot, just imagine having to park a 27-foot long hot dog on wheels.

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The Chicago Hot Dog

YouTube Preview Image

During my recent visit to Chicago, it became apparent quickly that the Chicagoans take great pride in the Chicago style hot dog. According to these windy city inhabitants, this dog has very specific items its supposed to be topped with, and one in particular it should never be eaten with…

I was curious to learn more about how and why they relish this infamous dog so I decided to take my questions straight to the experts themselves…

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Wienermobile Joins in Spreading Family Fun at the Little Boots Rodeo!






Jess Grillin’ and I sure were lucky dogs to attend the Little Boots Rodeo in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. This annual event welcomed the Wienermobile with open arms and lots of friendly families eager to relish in the memories we were sure to create!

While most people would imagine a rodeo full of competitive events, this rodeo is much more unique in that it is completely oriented around family and non-competitive fun. Jess Grillin’ and I had never sausage a thing!

Jack Groat, known as “Cowboy Jack” at the rodeo, first thought of this idea years ago.

“I wanted to think of something totally different,” said Jack. “Something that has history and culture behind it and no one else does a family oriented non-competitive rodeo.”

Jack did a franktastic job because not only was the event a rootin’ tootin’ good time, but there were over 1,000 people in attendance (and a lot of Wiener Whistlin’ going on).

The Little Boots Rodeo not only provides a completely non-competitive space for families to enjoy each other, but there is no entrance fee required to enjoy all of the bunderful entertainers and games Jack brings to Little Boots.

This year’s rodeo included entertainers such as Mr. D’s Magic and Illusion Show, Boots and Britches and the Dream Camper Show, Svengoolie, the Great American Duck Race, wagon rides, a petting zoo and David “the Bullet” Smith Jr. who shoots himself over 100 feet out of a human cannon.

The games were geared towards helping the kids become official “cowboys” or “cowgirls” after completing all of the events. Some of these games included cow milking, panning for gold, lassoing and many more!

It’s no surprise Jack wanted the Wienermobile at this event as the Wienermobile always creates special memories for families. All of the families went dog crazy for the free digital postcards and Wiener Whistles.

“Just have fun. Silly fun,” Jack said smiling.

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The View From Above

Life on the road as a Hotdogger involves many trips in and out of hotels going up and down many elevators.  The hotels are usually one, two, three, four or five stories high.  Not long ago, Tate-yum and I experienced an elevator ride that would take us much higher than any hotel elevator.  A stop off the hot dog highways had us in Chicago, IL, at the Willis Tower.  Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) stands at 1,730 feet high.  If you can imagine almost 158 Wienermobile vehicles stacked on top of each other, that is how high we were.

The view of the Willis Tower from LTL LINK's bunroof.

Tate-yum and I took the elevator 103 floors up to the Skydeck level.  I had never sausage a view of Chicago like the one from the Skydeck.  The view in every direction was franktastic.  We even dared to step out on to the glass box balconies on the Skydeck.  I have been skydiving before, but the rush of standing 1353 feet above the ground on a piece of glass is intense.

Super Dog Sam and Tate-yum suspended on the glass box ledge at the Skydeck.

Super Dog Sam and Tate-yum 1353 feet above the ground.

Frankly, we could not bring LTL LINK along for the ride, but we were able to get her in a top dog picturesque position in front of the Chicago skyline.

LTL LINK posing for her picture with Chicago.

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Gone Urban Fishing

While strolling the Windy City, we discovered an excellent summer opportunity to go fishing along the concrete banks of the Chicago River. After a fierce fight, I wrestled in a mighty goby which, as you can see, was a striking half-a-hot-dog in length. Impressed?

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We Saw Lights…We Came Running!

While crusing around Chicago’s suburbs we came across a field of lights. The beautiful christmas lights caught our eye so we had to go check it out. Turns out we were outside Chicago Botanical Garden’s Wonderland Express. After further exploration we discovered more than just lights decorating the trees. Inside their exhibit was a recreation of Chicago’s most notable landmarks made from organic materials. There was even snow falling from the ceiling which truly made it a winter wonderland!

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Don’t Eat the Wienermobile, Eat AT the Wienermobile Cafe!

As Dijon John and I moved our buns around the beautiful state of Michigan, we came across a beautiful site that left us dazed and drooling: the WienermobileCafe in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn! Our friend MMMK had filled us in on how amazing the 1952Wienermobilewas to see, but we never would have guessed how excited we were for a restaurant themed after our favorite moter vehicle.

We had just come from Chicago, and we thought we had had some great Oscar Mayer hot dogs in the Windy City, but their menu was so diverse, we contemplated what we’d order.

As we walked around with our bunderful choices, we stumbled across a true treasure: an original 1950’s Wiener Whistle!

Needless to say, ‘it’s all about the BUNjamins’ when it comes to making my day!

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An Education is Worth a Million Hot Dogs

As Dijon John and I roamed the streets of Chicago in BOLOGNA, we came across the most maginificent center for education in the country: The Oscar F. Mayer Public School!

This Magnet school in a beautiful area of the Windy City was such a proud moment for me. Our founder was such a wonderful, hard working, dedicated man, that they decided to dedicate something back in his honor. A gorgeous plaque at the entrance to the building explains why:


The picture is hard to read, so I’ll transcribe. The plaque says, and I quote: ”

Oscar F. Mayer was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1859. At the age of 14, his father died and Oscar sailed to the United States with his aunt and uncle in search of opportunity and a better life. He settled in Chicago and lived with his uncle at the near north side of the city, where he apprenticed in a small butcher shop. In 1883, he opened his own butcher shop near this location with his brothers Max and Gottfried. Later, he married Louise Griener and they and their five children lived above the store. The butcher shop was successful.

Mayer pursued his ambition for a better life with an instinctive effort to create a better product and service at his shop – always searching for a better way to prepare and present his meat products. The butcher shop quickly became popular with local residents and prospered. It was here that a concept in meat preparation was born which was to ultimately revolutionize the meat packing industry in the United States and throughout the world. In the years to follow, the small butcher shop space grew and Oscar was joined by his son Oscar Gottfried Mayer. Over the years, he led the company’s transformation from a small butcher shop into a manufacturing plant located near Scott and Sedgwick Streets. This location became the headquarters of Oscar Mayer & Company.

The company continued to grow. New plants were opened throughout the US and around the world. Through pursuing innovations in packing, manufacturing, marketing and advertising, Mayer led the company to success as a meat processor rather than a meat packer. The “yellow-band” wieners, the Oscar Mayer jingle, “Little Oscar” and the Wienermobile were creative and unique national marketing programs which not only built a recognizable and trusted brand name, but became an icon of American culture, reflecting the opportunities inherent in our liberties and economic system. In addition, new continuous production techniques, packaging innovation, distribution strategies and advanced quality control procedures have had a dominant influence throughout the meat processing industry and have made Oscar Mayer & Company a world wide success.

Throughout his life, Oscar Mayer always loved and respected this community. To share the opportunity he had in America, and to give something back, Mayer worked toward securing the commitment to establish this school in our community. This school is named in his honor to remind those who come here of the opportunity that exists in our country to pursue ambitions for a fulfilling and successful life – even starting with a job in a small butcher shop on the north side of Chicago.”

Oscar Mayer gave more than hot dogs to this community: he gave hope and the feeling that you can do anything you want if you simply relish your dreams.

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You Have The Right To Remain Sausage

Please don’t get the wrong idea. I didn’t get arrested. Torey Toppings and I merely befriended two of Chicago’s finest police officers. They were excited to see the Wienermobile parked on their beat, so they pulled over to take a closer look. Torey and I gave the officers a few Wiener Whistles and a VIP tour of BOLOGNA, and to say thanks the officers drove us a half-mile to our hotel in the back of their squad car. :)

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The Wienermobile Run

Six Wieners. One Winner.

Join. Share. Win. After years of touring supermarkets, state fairs and the like, we’re taking America’s most beloved vehicle and giving fans unprecedented access! Browse the different Wienermobile teams and join your favorite to receive a team bumper sticker (while supplies last), help them earn points, and have a chance to win a visit from the Wienermobile Run Champion! This summer you’re going to see the Wienermobile Vehicle like you’ve never seen it before.

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